Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Changing my Major

   This is my blog post debut as a social media ambassador and I am so excited about it! This is a good time to introduce myself; my name is Sabrina McLaughlin (Quimby) and I am a Junior hear at Saint Michael's College. My major s Anthropology with a Psychology minor, though it wasn't always that way.
   Freshman year I came into college majoring in Elementary Education and Psychology, but as my first year progressed I realized that I was more into Psychology more than teaching so I dropped the Education major along with picking up an Anthropology minor. I love kids but studying human behavior was more of my realm. This changed was controversial to one of my family members because of the stereotypes of job markets for certain majors but honestly life is too short to not study what you love.


  I go through my sophomore year thinking I had found my calling and all was well but something still was off but I would realize until fall of my Junior year that this wasn't a good fit for me either. My grades in my Psychology courses were not great since I got to Saint Michael's College but I always excelled in my Anthropology courses.  The cultural aspect of human behavior and understanding of people beyond our norm fascinated me so I decided to make a change...again. I downgraded my Psychology major to a minor and upgraded my Anthropology minor to a major; things finally felt right even though it took forever to get there.
  The moral of this story is that it's okay to change your major and not always know what you want to do because here at Saint Mikes we will help you get to where you want to be. We have all of our wonderful faculty and staff (for example: Career Development office) along with your lovely peers that can give you advice from their experience. The journey may be longer to find your calling, but at least they will be a fantastic support system to guide you through the confusion.